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The links are divided into manufacturers, stores, and mini-painting sites. I've also included links to some of the painting forums on the net and some links to sites that deal with painting large Anime Resin Kits. The links are in alphabetical order.

Assassin Miniatures
Very cool limited edition miniatures from this new German mini company.

Dark Age
My favorite post apocalyptic figs are made by Dark Age. They've got some awesome sculptors including Werner Klocke and Steve Buddle.

Dark Sword Miniatures
Dark Sword makes high quality classic fantasy miniatures. All there miniatures are based on artwork by some of the best fantasy artists out there. Well worth a look.

A French miniature manufacturer. All Fenryll miniatures are made of resin.

Foundry has TONS of different models. Most of them are historicals, but they also have some neat elves and dwarfs and their vikings are too cool. They also have their own line of paints which I really like.

Freebooter Miniatures
Gorgeous multipart (some times really multi-multi part) minis sculpted by Werner Klocke.

Games Workshop
Nice web site with an online store, some painting and background related stuff, and a search engine.

The baby of master sculptor Kev White, Hasslefree miniatures are one of my absolutel favorites!

Some very nice and funny sculpts. Heresy neat mini related stuff such as basees and sculpting tools.

Privateer Press
One of the best and most succesful new miniatures companies. Produces a very cool steampunk game with huge robots.

When it comes to detail; you just can't beat Rackham. Their figures are amazing (and a real pain to paint!).

Reaper has the best range of RPG miniatures out there. No matter what/who your character is; Reaper has a mini to represent it.

A very cool selection of female miniatures.

Beautiful and elegant miniatures sculpted by Steve Buddle.

The Figure Trader
Very nice miniatures for the Sabotage games. TFT also makes some really neat resin bases.

Urban Mammoth
The manufacturer previously know as i-Kore.



Gamers Quest

All these stores are good. I have either ordered from them myself or I know people who have.

Really nice store that sells Assassin, Spyglass, Hasslefree, Maidenhead, Masquerade, and other hard-to-get-in-the-US minis.

Located in California. Great service, stocks Reaper, Rackham, Freebooter, Dark Age and others.

Discount Hobby
What the name implies... cheap figures! A bit slow on shipping though.

The Warstore
Great selection and fast shipping!

The CoolMiniOrNot store
Sells Warcrow, Spyglass, Hasslefree, Freebooter, and others. They also have their own line of minis.

Gamer's Quest
One of the best selections of miniatures anywhere plus super friendly service!

Artemis Blacks
Very nice online store that stocks Dark Age, Shadowforge, Warmachine, Heresy, Maidenhead, and the Coat d'Arms paints (the old GW paints in the nice flip top bottles).

Game Mart
UK store that sells Warmachine, Dark Age, GW, Celtos and Vallejo paints!.

Leisure Games
Very quick shipping (10% of order outside UK). Stocks Reaper and Rackham among others.

Spirit Games
UK-online store with many different miniatures: Copplestone, i-Kore, Dark Age, Fenryll, Confrontation, Warzone, Warmachine, and Reaper.

Rackham Store
Rackham's own online store. Shipping is pretty expensive, but they have a great online gallery with good pics of all the figures.

Kerberos Games
It was about time we got a Danish miniature store with a good selection! Well, here it is. Go buy something!

Dragons Lair
Nice place for buying GW.

Danish store that stocks a large selection of i-Kore miniatures. They also stock GW, and a lot of other manufacturers. They have an online store.

Painting Related Websites

Painting websites I like to look at:

Arjay's Land of the Diminutive
I think Arjay is the closest the minipainting world comes to a God of SE-NMM. Definitely worth a look!

Angela's painting is insanely good (sometimes I think she's a bit nutty herself too). She's paints some absolutely gorgeous looking ladies with beautiful NMM and freehand. Go take a look for yourself!

Cool Mini or Not
A place where you can post you miniatures for other people to vote on or just enjoy the eye candy. My minis on Cool Mini or Not

Dragon Miniatures
Some really good stuff here! Mayne has a very distinctive and beautiful painting style.

Electric Ocean
The best place for miniatures updates! Terry keeps an eye on all the cool mini sites on the web, and lets you know when they are updated (Ok, so sometime I post a lot of spam there, but what the heck!) He also has a gallery with painted minis and painting references.

Fellshadow Studio
Lili is one of this worlds painting goddesses. I wish she'd update a little more often, but I guess winning all those Golden Demons takes a while....

Jakob paint some really nice metallics and he also sculpts. Sometimes he also goes to Golden Demon contests and wins some statues.

Kaple Minis
Once upon a time when I was a little girl, I read a pretty darn good Danish book about painting miniatures. The book was written by Rune Kaple. In the meantime he's gotten about a gazillion times better at painting. I think they'll be throwing some Golden Demons his way soon!

Painted Miniatures.de
Not only is Michael a really good painter, he's also my forum admin which means that he always fixes it when I mess up the programming!

Slave to Paint
Some British peoples' site. Petey keeps promising that he's going to update, but it rarely happens. Still an awesome site though!

The Miniature Paiting Guild
Glyn/Zaphod paints some awesome stuff when he's not writing stuff in his blog...

Tincture Adept
Jarrett paints really well and really fast. Don't you just hate people like that?

Tiny Souls
Not only does Zor's website has a cute name, it also has some awesome paintjobs! Zor is the only person I know who uses a Ringo Starr rating system for her links. Very interesting indeed!


aka places where I hang out when I should be working/painting:

The Jenova Forum
The one forum to rule them all... not really, but I think my forum has a friendly atmosphere, and there are lots of great painters/people.

Forum of Doom
The Heresy, Hasslefree, and Spyglass forum. Very cool place to see the newest greens from three of my favorite manufacturers!

Colonel Marbles' Miniatures Frothzone
The places to go for flaming new releases (and other people) and wierd British humor. Also useful if you'd like to expand on your selection of insults. Highly recommended!

Reaper Miniatures Forum
A friendly and busy forum for everyone who likes Reaper Miniatures. It's a manufacturers forum so it has the expected amount of fanboyness going on.

A very nice forum where you can discuss most miniature games. They talk mostly about games, so most of the time I don't really understand what it's all about....

Powerfist Forum
The best Danish GW forum. We do get our share of immature 12-year-olds, but most of the time it's not too bad.

Resin kit sites

I'd like to paint some more resin kits (or at least buy some), but it just takes so long.

Albert is an extremely talented kit painter. He has also bought a couple of 28mms recently and I'm looking forward to seeing them in his gallery.

Cody's Coop
This guy is just an insanely good kit painter. His figures look alive.

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