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May 1st

New Releases ship!

#HFV008 3 Children by Kev & Sally

April 26th

Time for new pre-orders!
Check out the three new chicks, the two new Bohkin, and the torturer! April 17th

It's Salute time again! Check out the picture above:

Ok, so this is what Sally has to say:

Basically it is what it says, 10% off RRP of order placed directly with me for collection at Salute. Please email me directly at sally@hasslefreeminiatures.com

And to make it fairer for those who cant make it to Salute, i will be doing free shipping for the next two weeks on all orders placed via our website from midnight GMT on Sunday 17th April 2005

Now we cant say fairer than that can we?? Either way you get a good deal direct from the manufacturer and service with a smile!
April 6th

The pre-orders are now available for regular orders.

March 27th

With some delay, the new pre-orders are up. They won't stay pre-orders for long though!

You can find the new pre-orders here, here, and here.

March 13th

Check out Sally's Article about the new Hasslefree Terrain!

February 22nd

Time for new pre-orders! This month we have Kalee and Libby the Conqueror, Daphos the Dark Elf, and last (but surely not least) Bugharoth, the very mean and very nasty and very big demon! You can also order everything together in the February Monthspack.

February 28th

February releases ship! February 9st

News from Sally:

"Full steam ahead for Partizan on Sunday 13th Feb in Newark. Our first proper show and all is very busy in the HF camp...............so much to get ready and so little time!

Hopefully we will have the some of the february releases available ont he day, we arent sure yet which ones our wonderful caster will be able to get to us in time but we have all fingers (and some toes) crossed for at least 'Daphos' the Dark Elf and 'Libby the conqueror'. Bugharoth, our first demon, will also hopefully be there to say hello.

Even if you dont have the cash to buy lots of stuff, come up and say "Hi" to us and introduce yourselves, it will be so nice to put names to faces. If you do want to buy lots of toys then dont let us stop you! Some eager customers have already put their orders in ready which is great as it helps me plan the stock levels. I have spent ages getting displays of everything up and running so if you want to say "wow!" when you see my efforts that would be cool!

See you there

Sally :)"

January 31st

January releases ship!

January 24th

New pre-orders are up: A new monthspack, an adventuress, a dwarf, a couple of human chicks, and lots and lots of grymn!

And some news from Sally:

"Both of us are busy preparing for the first show which will be Fantasy and Sci-fi Partizan on Sunday 13th February. We have conned Kevs parents into looking after the kids for us so will probably be found in the nearest pub when the show finishes!! It is all very exciting but lots of things to buy like display cases and other essential stuff. Actually I am not sure if I am scared or excited...i think i will be glad when it is over. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of our customers who say they will be there and putting faces to names. There will be at least two (and maybe three) of the february releases on sale hopefully at Partizan. Keep an eye on the FOD as to which ones they will be.

Other shows so far this year will be 'Conpulsion' in Edinburgh (26th & 27th March 2005), 'Salute' at Kensington Olympia (23rd April 2005) and 'Bifrost' in Birmingham (3rd July 2005).

Thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate our first anniversary as 'Hasslefree Miniatures'.

Many apologies for not getting many WIP's up lately but Kev has been finishing them quicker that i can take pics of them!."

January 9th

Happy Birthday Hasslefree!. 1 year old as of 7th jan. Free shipping on all orders until 17th jan to celebrate!
Read more about the birthday party at the Forum of Doom

December 13th

All the December releases are now available. Get your very own Xmas Sally before it's too late!

December 6th

Lots of news today: First of all we have a lot of new pre-orders up: a elf, a new adventurer, some new sci-fi figs, and a limited edition Christmas figure.

There are also two new grymn in the store. One of them is a very special figure: 'Geezer' Wilson
We will be using the commemorative figure to raise funds for a cancer charity of Jamies choice. We will be giving 1 from each 'Geezer' sold for as long as it is produced. Until the next set of releases on January 31st 2005, 25p from each grymn sold will also go to that same charity.
You can read about it on the Forum of Doom. This figure does not have a reduced pre-order price, and he is not included in the month pack.

Which bring us to the fact that there is a new months pack up.

If you look around the site, you might also notice a few reductions in price on some of the minis. Don't say we never do anything for you guys ;)

November 14th

All the new figures are now available for regular orders.

November 9th

New pre-orders! grymn, a beautiful female elf, and some new villagers. Of coures, we also have a brand new month pack with all the November releases.
The November pre-orders will be shipping on monday the 15th.

October 31st

More upcoming releases!

Also some news from Sally:

" 1: New fax machine and business phoneline up and running and so credit card orders can now be processed via fax and telephone. The number is (+44) 0 1359 251242. Email me for an order form.

Note from webmaster: Sally's e-mail is libbytheaxe@yahoo.co.uk

Back to Sally:
2: Christmas limited edition figure is ready to cast. No sneak previews just yet but watch this space. Just a reminder.....the limited edition figure will be going out free to those with two months standing order payments so if you are quick and get your first payment in by the 7th November you will get it free. Any figures left after the free ones have been dished out will be with the releases on Monday 13th December.

3: The november releases have gone to be cast, and will be available for pre-order from 8th November. They include the village children, half drow female, HMG team for the grymn, and a minstrel ( no, not the chocolate kind!). Lots of variety this month.

Thanks for your continued support

Sally :)

October 18th
All the new releases are now available for "regular orders".


October 11th
Lots of goodies available for pre-order including a really cute new human mini, lots of new grymn, a pirate and some stunning new martial artists! Of coures, we also have a new month pack ready for you. All pre-order figs will be shipping on October 18th.

October 6th
A new release today: Jenova, Wicked Warrioress!

Also some news from Sally:

"The Frothers UK sculpting contest has ended and Kev got first and second place for his two versions of Alice.
Alice and the white rabbit got first place and Alice and the Cheshire cat got second place.
This means that on 18th October 2004 'Alys and her pussycat' HFH012 will be released as a human figure. As soon as Frothers have finished with the other Alice we will then add her to our catalogue.

Keep an eye on the WIP pages for views of this months releases that are still being worked on, yes we know that we cut it fine each month but what would life be without a bit of excitement and adrenaline??.........lol

A topic on Total Model, FOD, Mini Realms and TMP has been started as we search for a name for our new Samurai chick due out on 18th October as well.

More news soon Sally :)"

September 26th
Hasslefree Miniatures are now able to accepts credit cards directly. You are read more about it here.

September 20th
All the pre-orders are available for regular orders, and we also have some new greens to show you!

September 13th
New minis up for pre-order: the lab technician, a barman, an orc and a goblin, and lots of new humies.
From now on, it is also possible to order all the new releases with just one click. Check out The September Month pack which includes all our September pre-orders.
All pre-order figs will ship in a week, but order now to save some !

September 9th
Some news from Sally:
1: We have got ads coming out in 'fictional reality' soon also banner ads have gone up at TMP.

2: "Keep an eye out for a new (and easy to remember) domain name".

3: We will Soon have the dipped images up and the codings for the new releases that will be up for pre-order on 13th september!

August 23rd
All the pre-order figs are available for normal orders, and don't forget to take a look at the new greens!.

August 14th
Lots of pre-orders today: 3 new Grymn, 4 new villagers, and 2 new dwarves. All the pre-order figs will available for "normal" orders on the 23rd of August, but buy now and save some .

August 10th
"Sally here. Well we have finally succumbed to multiple requests and have added a few new codes as well as the new releases that are due out on Monday 23rd August. I will bore you with the new releases another day but for now I will let you know that as soon as Inge can update it, 'Gen' will be available without her altar base and the 'Grymn' will be available as army packs. If those regular customers who have already purchased numerous 'Grymn' want to email me direct then i will sort out a few 'freebies' to compensate that will go in with their next orders. Whaddya think??

July 20th
Two words for ya: New Greens

July 19th
The cast of the new figs (Grymn, the harem girl, the new troll, and Eve) are in, and the last pre-orders should be sent very soon :)

July 13th
New-pre-orders! Grymn, the harem girl, the new troll, and Eve, the first mini in the new Hasslefree Adventurers range.

July 1st
Hasslefree Miniatures have two new distributors: Archangel Games in Australia and Wolf Miniaturas in Spain.

Also today: New Greens!

June 15th
The new Grymn are now available for normal orders :)

June 8th
New Grymn on pre-order. They will be shipping next monday (the 14th).

June 2nd
New Greens!

June 1st
Lots of new releases: Two new dwarfs, a Barwench, and a mean looking Bohkin (Space goblin).

May 21st
Grab your chance to decide which miniatures Hasslefree should release. Vote in the poll at the forum of doom!

May 18th
As you might have noticed our new Oriental Martial Artists can now be ordered individually.

May 10th
The sale is over, but we have some great news! The Hasslefree Oriental pack with 11 new Oriental minis is now available for pre-order for 20 (save 2). The minis can be ordered individually next monday. They will be priced at 2.50 each or 22.00 for all 11.

May 1st
Lots of updates today: First lots of new greens.
Secondly since Sally has been having some trouble with her e-mail, we have decided to extend the 10% sale for another week. Orders can be e-mailed to Sally on libbytheaxe@yahoo.co.uk.

If you have tried to e-mail Sally in the last few days (for placing an order or for something else) and haven't recieved a reply, please resend you e-mail to libbytheaxe@yahoo.co.uk. We are very sorry for this and we thank you for your patience :)
If you e-mail sally, it might take little while for her to reply. This is due to the smallest Hasslefree mini (also known as Meg) who is crawling very fast at the moment therefore keeping Sally very busy! For your information, Meg usually goes to sleep at around 19.00 GMT, so expect replies after that time.

Old News.

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