Funky Water Bases

A lot of people have asked me how I do my water bases.
The pic below shows the stuff you need to make a water base.

NOTE: I haven't included a mini on a base because I felt that was rather obvious.

1. The parts of the base where there's not supposed to be water are covered with PVA glue. Some sand and a couple of rocks are added.

2. Apply a thick layer of PVA glue where you want the "water". Leave to dry (preferably over night).

3. Undercoat the rocks and "water" with black. Base coat the other areas with a colour of your choice (I used Scorched Brown for this base).

4. Drybrush the non-water areas (except the rocks). I used Bestial Brown followed by Snakebite Leather.

5. Paint the rocks grey (I used Codex Grey) and the water blue (I used Storm Blue)

6. Drybrush the rocks with a lighter grey (Fortress Grey) and paint some ripples in the water with a lighter blue (I used Lightning Blue followed by Skull White).

7. Paint the water with some thinned down dark blue (Storm Blue) and leave to dry before carefully applying a thick layer of clear nail polish. Paint the rim of the base.

Voila, the finished base. You can use other colours for the water, or even make an all water base.

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