Tips and tutorials
Useful tutorials to serve your mini painting needs...... hopefully

Reviews Reviews of miniatures and miniature related products(updated June 4th)

Events Reports from tournaments, painting contests, and other mini related events (updated April 6th)

General Info about Paints, Thinning, and Brush Control General Info about Paint, Thinning and Brush Control

Complimentary Colours Colour Theory - Complimentary Colours

Using a Limited Pallette Colour Theory - Using a Limited Palette

Blending Blending

Blacklining Blacklining

Skintones Painting Skintones

Female Faces Painting Female Faces - Step by Step

NMM Painting NMM (non-metallic metal)

Tartan Painting a Pseudo Tartan

Tattoos Painting Tattoos

Basing Workshop Basing Workshop

Water Bases Funky Water Bases

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