Painting a pseudo tartan

This tutorial is not about painting a tartan. I have never painted an actual tartan. I don't even remember what a real tartan looks like. This tutorial is about painting a pseudo tartan - a fake tartan. It's basically just a pattern I invented, but I think it works ok for kilts.

An example:

These are the colours I used for her "tartan" (all are GW):
-Storm Blue (SB)
-Enchanted Blue (EB)
-Dark Flesh (DF)
-Vermin Brown (VB)
-Leprous Brown (LB)

1. Basecoat in SB

2. Paint the vertical lines with DF

3. Paint the horizontal lines with DF

4. Highlight the SB squares with EB

5. Highlight the middel of the DF lines with VB.

Highlight the points where the lines cross with LB.

A close-up of the finished result

Actually what I said about not remembering what a tartan looks like wasn't completely true. A client who is Scottish sent me some pics of some real tartans (thanks Greig :). They look a little more complicated than my pseudo version. Hopefully they can serve as inspiration for future tartan painting projects.

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