Using a Limited Palette

No, this doesn't have anything to do with what you mix your paints on. This is about chosing colours for your minis. I regard colour choices as one of the most important (maybe even THE most important) aspects of mini-painting. I know people who don't use any advanced techniques, but their armies look really good beacuse of the colours they use. My philosophy when it comes to mini-painting is "less is more". I try to uses a few colours as possible without having the same colour on two adjacent areas.

Sometimes I pick two colours and use those on most of the model. Below is an examples:

On this mini I've used blue and a light brown as my main colours.

Another method is picking one colour and then using different shades of that colour. The Reaper Wizard and Pixie are examples of this method.

The Wizard shows the method with shades of brown

while Pixie demonstrates the method with blues.

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