Painting Female faces

Painting Female Faces is one of my favorite parts of the minipainting hobby. There are so many oppertunities for making the mini seem alive.
Here's how i usually do it:

1. Basecoat (I used GW Bronzed Flesh). Make sure you get a nice even coat.

2. Glaze the face with dilluted Flesh Wash until you get a little more depth and a darker look.

3. Rehighlight with Bronzed Flesh without covering the recesses.

4. Highlight the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead with GW Elf Flesh. At this step it often looks like there is too much contrast, but after the eyes and mouth have been painted it won't be a problem.

5. Paint the eyes. I usually paint the eyesocket black, then I paint the eyeball, pupil and a little white reflection spot in the pupil. No WIP pics, since I usually mess this up a few times.

6. Basecoat the lips. I used GW Scab Red. Don't put to much paint on the upper lip unless you are painting a clown mini.

7. Highlight the lower and upper lip with GW Blood Red.

8. Paint a little reflection spot on the lower lip.

After this you can paint eyebrows (the same colour as the hair) and eyeshadow.

The palette can be varied to get different effects:

- Use light blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick for 80's style makeup (Amanthas).
- GW Dark Flesh lips and eyeshadow gives a natural sexy look (Fianna).
- For non standard skin tones, Painting the lips a darker version of the skincolour can give a good look (Meduinn).
- Not very feminine faces can be given a feminine look with contrasting makeup colours (Half Dragon Mage).
- Tanned skintones will look darker with light makeup (Hakir).

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