Basic Colour Theory

Ok, I'm no expert when it comes to colour theory, but I'll try to explain some of the principles I use when chosing colours for a mini. First a little bit of theory. We'll start with the tree colours we call the primary colours: Red, blue and yellow. With these three colours it possible to mix all other colours (except black and white).

All colour have what's called a complimentary colour. Imagine a having the three primary colours in a triangle like this:

When you mix the three colours as shown by the arrows in the pic, you'll see that the complementary colours for red = green, blue = orange, and yellow = purple.

You can create other complementary colour combinations by using the same method.

Ok, now what can you use this for?

Combining complementary colours can give a mini a very striking appearence. I prefer to use mostly one colour and then do a couple of bits in the complementary colour. Below is an examples using red and green.

The Knight of the Spirit is mostly green, but her lips and part of her armour is red.

Another example, this time with yellow and purple

I knew I wanted to do Onastaa's staff in gold NMM. To make the staff stand out, I painted the cape in soft purple tones.

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