Items for sale
Cowgirl Kage Dar, Barbarian Sydney Savage Si'rene, Elven Warrior Jade, Dancing Girl Barbarian Archer Geisha Alvhaera, Drow Cleric Alahan Paladin Halfling Sneak Firiel Gael Swordsman Knight of the Balance Female Human Cleric Nemain, Sword Maiden Callidus Assassin Liralith Tiriel Freebooter Huntress Evil Inge Cowgirl

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Commissioned work

I'm not accepting any new commissions at the moment. Sorry :(

NOTE: These prices include cleaning, assembly, priming, painting and basing but they do NOT include the cost of the mini (I can buy it, or you can send it) and shipping (usually not more than 6.00$ for a single fig). Send me an e-mail for exact prices.

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