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Fun with Photography (or not)

Taking pictures of miniatures is by far my least favorite part of the hobby. But I really like having the photos… Many of the minis end up living with someone else and the ones I keep are often packed away.

I have always struggled with taking good pictures, but the setup above gives a nice result.

I take the photos with a iphone on a tripod using the Camera+ app. The tripod is placed on the box of the plates (I think this one is the pancake one which I don’t like very much to be honest) from my Tefal Snack Collection which is an excellent waffle maker. You could also use an VHS box or even an adjustable tripod, but that would be less tasty. I use a light diffusion box and 2 lamps with daylight bulbs.

The mini is placed on a paper with a grey gradient. I use another Snack Collection box (I believe I used the one for paninis which is very nice) to raise it a bit.

In the background you can see He Who Screams hanging out in his sister’s room. If you are trying to take pictures with one of those around it is important to keep it happy and away from the light diffusion box.


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