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Happy New Year!

Warhammer Banshee

Total time spent: 4,5 hours.

Paints used: coming soon

All done and playing around with photography a bit. I got a nice app on my iphone that lets me pretend it’s sort of a decent camera. Because I have had an unfortunately incident where my iphone ended up in the toilet (don’t worry, it was before I used the toilet…) and I dropped it on some tile later; the bottom corner of my phone is completely dark. This makes editing sort of a challenge. Most apps I can manage, because I remember where the buttons are, but new apps are sort of difficult. I’m getting a new phone in November.

Obviously the photos are poorly lit. Looks like I need some lamps. I did find a cool background though. Quite happy about that. I’m also very happy with the paintjob. I don’t remember painting this fast. Maybe getting old and even more impatient helps. I know it’s not a display paintjob, but I think it would make a lovely gaming quality miniature.

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