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Happy New Year!

Banshee – dress

Time: 1 hour 15 mins

Paints used: Reaper Master Series: 65 Grey Liner, 144 Creamy Ivory, 175 Swamp Green, 176 Military Green, 177 Camoflage Green. Vallejo: 936, Transparent Green

On to the dress. I’m pretty sure it is supposed different parts and fabrics, but for the sake of simplicity; we’ll just go with green for everything.

The basecoat in and the shading by mixing with Grey Liner was pretty easy to handle. The Swamp Green started to become a bit grainy when thinned a lot (with water). I placed the brightest highlights on her upper body and around the face to draw attention to those areas. After I was done with the highlights; I did a light glaze with Vallejo Transparent Green to smooth everything out.

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