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Happy New Year!

Banshee – skin

Time: 45 mins

Paints used: Reaper Master Series: 65  Grey Liner, 144 Creamy Ivory, 172 , 173, 174

I thought it went ok. I have a lot of brushes and I don’t really remember which ones I like and which ones I hate. The paints were all ok after shaking them for a long time. They didn’t seem grainy. Good times.

My iphone sucks for miniature photos. Not sure what to do about that.

I like the mini. The pose is pretty dynamic and the face is spooky. The cast was pretty awful and the hands are ‘uuuge (as usual with minis from this period). I’d wager she is from around the mid 90’s. I don’t like the hole in her chest. Not sure why.

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